Corporate & Business Insurance

Corporate & Business Insurance

About Corporate & Business Insurance

We provide dedicated services to Local & Crossborder Businesses. When it comes to Corporate we’re talking about the heart of the economic center of our lives.
It is our priority to checkmate risks which any business supports and we improve everyday our catalogue of solutions.

Area Property

We cover all type of risks regarding the safety of your properties. Considering our proximity with financial operators in a B4B2C business model, we help our Partners and Clients to find tailor-made solutions for:

  • vehicle fleets,
  • real estates,
  • instruments,
  • cyber,..

Area Liability

Liability is a growing area due to stronger and always more complex regulations in all private, industrial and financial sectors. Risk aversion is the key factor for entrepreneurs and families to live peacefully. As per our approach to asset protection, we consider what we have built must be protected at the root. We are the real assets to protect. Therefore we have developed insurance covers for:

  • Directors & Officers (SICAV - SIF - ManCo - Independent Director)
  • Warranty & Indemnity (for M&A operations)
  • Professional Liabilities
  • Protection & Indemnity Insurance (P&I Vessels)
  • Area Healthcare & Pension (Employee Benefits)

Health first. Health is fundamental for a peaceful life. Nowadays our lives are definitely more cross-border than ever. Public Health System are more and more reimbursing less tickets and private Healthcare expenses are increasing in family budgets. We therefore provide International Healthcare solutions for Individuals but also for Companies as employee benefits. Employee benefits are very efficients for employers in order to keep their employees and to provide them with important benefits at a lower cost than salary increase. We have developed specific schemes for Maritim Labour Convention of 2006 as for example and other sector.
Our services also include coordination and development for United States Healthcare insurances and, through specific Partnership, Dubai Resident Healthcare.

  • International Individual & Group Programs
  • Employee Benefits
  • Travel Insurances
  • US Healthcare Programs for Expatriates
  • Pension Plans

Life Area

Our speciality.
We are able to provide solutions for companies through life insurance products. When it comes to Corporate Clients, we often deal with (i) Keyman Insurances and/or (ii) Capitalization Bond.Corporate Clients make the most of these instruments in order to prevent themselves from the risks to loose a key manager or employee or in order to manage their liquidity.
In effect, Luxembourg Capitalization Bond are Life Insurance Products belonging to Branch VI (Luxembourg Law of December 7th 2015 - Annex II on the Insurance Sector) and there is no insured person.
Luxembourg Capitalization Bond is unique as it allows asset managers to manage actively the underlying portfolio of the Insurance Premium. Therefore, Corporate Clients benefit from these products in order to:

  • Optimize bookkeeping of the treasury (only one Net Asset Value),
  • Benefit from a wide range of investment profiles through dedicated Asset Managers,
  • Optimize the administration of Tax Obligations (Italian TFR as for example),
  • Asset Protection through Life Insurance regulation.

As exclusive wholesaler of this Capitalization Bond we are at your disposal for further questions on the product or distribution channel.

Obviously, Life Insurance products for Corporate Clients can also be included in Employee Benefits schemes such as Pension Schemes according to local legislation.