Private Life Insurance

Private Life Insurance

The terms "Private Life Insurance » (« PLI ») mean a global universe of services in favor of High Net Worth Individuals through the subscription of life insurance products.

The PLI allows Clients to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Asset Protection,
  • Tax and administrative efficiency,
  • Crossborder portability,
  • Wealth Planning,
  • Succession Planning and
  • Investments through asset management.

The PLI occupies today a predominant position in Private Banking due to his efficiency, flexibility and access.

Individuals are always more demanding and PLI answers their needs of:

Individuals are looking for more than a performance in their relationship with their private bankers and asset managers. PLI is the answer and the common ground of all these different requirements. It combines (i) the needs of the professional of the financial sector simplifying their obligations while protecting asset management of different types and (ii) the private requirement of individuals all across Europe.

PLI was born in Ireland, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein and today, amongst local offers, the main insurance companies operating in the European market have their own headquarters in one of these three countries and operate mainly under the regime of Freedom to Providing Services. In effect, European Directives allow Insurance Companies from a Member State to operate in another Member State since first Directive 73/239/CEE of the Council. Since then, European Final Clients, wherever they were residents, have always benefitted from these  crossborder  products and keep benefitting from it today. Each of these  jurisdictions provides obviously different  characteristics and interests for the Clients and this is one of the reason why reverting to  independent and  specialized Insurance Brokers is the guarantee you will find the product adapted to your needs.

Life Insurance Bonds are composed of the subscriber, the insured person and the beneficiaries in case of death (of the insured person). This combination allows very flexible Wealth Planning solutions where beneficiaries are designated freely by the subscriber and the death of the insured person defers the moment in which premiums are paid to the beneficiaries.

Once subscribed the Life Insurance Bond, the Insurer delegates the management of the initial premium to an external Asset Manager and deposits the underlying portfolio to a Custodian Bank of its choice. Nowadays it is also possible to subscribe Life Insurance of different types such as: Multi-Asset Managers, Multi-Supports, Protected or Guaranteed Capital, With or Without Capital Deferral, With or Without Coupons, Capitalization Bond and so on.

The PLI can also be combined with our dedicated services of Wealth Facility.

We always provide our Partners and Clients with the top notch offers from the EU insurance market.

Our Team is at your complete disposal for further information you may have.