Wealth Facility & Securitization

Securitization in Luxembourg

In order to complete our services of Wealth Planninr and Wealth engineering we provide securitization services.

It is our "trait-d'union" between both financial and insurance sectors. Our more than fifteen years of experience in both sectors is translated in this cross-sectorial discipline and through dedicated Luxembourg vehicle.

Amongst other, securitization vehicle is one of the most common used vehicle for Real Estate, Insurance and other financial investments. We therefore share with you information regarding securitization in Luxembourg which you can also find on the CSSF website.

The law of March 22nd, 2004 on securitisation (the "2004 Law") provided a specific legal framework in Luxembourg for risk securitisation in the broad sense.

Therefore our Wealth Planner services includes:​

  • Investment structure
  • Investment planning through specialised vehicles foreseen by Luxembourg laws
  • Crossborder transactions